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January 5, 2012

Lagune Beach Coatline Pilot
by Cynthia Frasier

Advanced HIV test available in Laguna

Innovative procedure shows if antigens from virus are present in the bloodstream and can be performed 17 days after exposure. — "The new test is an exciting development in the detection and early treatment of HIV/AIDS," de St. Paer said. "It's been the same basic test for 20 years. Now people have a choice."

Since offering the test in late November for $40, about 20 have been done, she said.

The test requires a blood sample, which is sent to UC Irvine's laboratory for the testing procedure.

The new test also determines if antibodies exist, so it provides an extra level of assurance in the results.

"The test was approved by the FDA in June, and we began offering it two weeks after the Mayo Clinic," de St. Paer said. "It's the most innovative of the new generation of HIV tests."

The test is offered anonymously on a walk-in basis at the clinic, and people who are concerned about the prospect of AIDS don't have to wait for a doctor's referral.

Dr. Tom Bent, the clinic's medical director, authorizes the testing on the spot. If the test is positive, and the person needs treatment, then his or her name is used.

Other people who have found the test beneficial are those in a new relationship, where one partner could have been exposed to the virus and is concerned about spreading it....

> Read full article in the Coastline Pilot



September 26, 2011

Clinic Open House a Big Success

The Board of Directors of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic hosted an open house to the public on Thursday, September 22, from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.           

Drs Sinha, Lawrence & BentThe Clinic opened its facility so that the community can become acquainted with its programs and resources. More than 120 guests attended the open house and many participated in a room-by-room tour of the clinic provided by board member Dr. Marion Jacobs.

 Photo: Drs. Reshimi Sinha, Pamela Lawrence and Thomas Bent.

Board member Roya Cole, Doctor’s Ambulance and Waste Management Company sponsored the open house.

“We were so pleased to introduce family physician Dr. Reshmi Sinha, who has joined our medical team,” said Dr. Pamela Lawrence, President of the Board. “We are fortunate to have another full-time physician on staff in addition to Dr. Tom Bent.”

Dr. Sinha is a graduate from UCLA and served her family medicine residency at UCI. She is fluent in Spanish, Hindi and Bengali.



August 15, 2011

Lagune Beach Independent

Dr. Thomas BentClinic’s Director Oversees Centers Countywide — Dr. Tom Bent, medical director and chief operating officer of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, has been elected president of the Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers.

The Coalition was established in 1974 as a support organization for independent clinics. “I hope to continue to advocate for people who can’t get health care, to encourage independent clinics to develop sources of non-governmental funding, and to create greater recognition of how these independent clinics strengthening our medical safety net in a period of great challenges to our health care system,” said Bent, a local resident, who has served fulltime as its director since 2002.



December 16, 2010

Lagune Beach Coatline Pilot

Komen funds clinic breast program — The Laguna Beach Community Clinic Breast Care program has received two awards from the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, Orange County.

A $70,000 award helps provide continuation of medical services in the Women's Health care program, such as education and early detection comprehensive breast care.

The second grant is a floating fund that supports additional medical procedures such as needle biopsies, diagnostic mammograms, and ultrasound exams for women requiring additional diagnostic services.

Photo: Clinic Director Adriana Nieto-Sayegh receiving Komen Grants.

> Read article in Coastline Pilot



November 25, 2010

Lagune Beach Coatline Pilot
by Cynthia Frasier

From Canyon To Cove: Making Laguna Beach a healthy place — It was 1970 and flower children were congregating in Laguna Beach, seeking free love and LSD. The inevitable results of all that partying and mind-expanding were taking a toll on the minds and bodies of the young — and on the resources of a small community.

In response, a group of civic-minded volunteer physicians got together and founded the Laguna Beach Free Clinic, one of a larger movement of free clinics around the country that sprang up to serve a huge, unmet need. The first Free Clinic opened up at Glenneyre Street and Park Avenue.

The clinic eventually moved to Ocean Avenue where Anastasia's restaurant is now, before relocating to its current address, 362 Third St.

"There were a lot of artists and hippies, and in 1970 a lot of people didn't have health insurance," he said. The clinic was officially licensed in 1985.

Forty years later, the Laguna Beach Community Clinic carries on the tradition of responding to the needs of an ever-evolving population of underserved or unserved people, including immigrants, very low-income people and the uninsured, whose ranks have swelled as the economy has taken a nosedive over the past few years.

In the interim, the city became "ground zero" in the AIDS epidemic, with the highest per capita rate of HIV infection in the nation. This created an enormous challenge in medicine, to which the Laguna clinic responded in full force with resources and pioneering early-intervention treatment of HIV infection under the eye of Dr. Korey Jorgensen, a renowned AIDS physician....

> Read full article in the Coastline Pilot


October 21, 2010

Orange County Register
by Yvette Cabrera

Busy clinic doctors doubling as therapists
It's been three years since the last recession officially began, and at least a year since it supposedly ended, but a grim spiral is still under way at Orange County's community clinics.

Last year, the 21 clinics that make up the Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics recorded a total of 685,522 patient visits – a 46 percent increase from 2008.

Many of those visits are the newly uninsured middle class – people like Amanda Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, 63, worked hard most of her life, and owned a home-cleaning business as recently as 2000. But that year she was in a car accident that left her severely injured and unable to work. Then, last summer, she lost her Aliso Viejo home in a settlement with her former husband.

So, last July, as Gonzalez contemplated her first steps as a homeless person, she did so knowing her entire income would be a disability check of $950 a month. Since then, she's been living in a tiny trailer and, at times, her Toyota 4Runner.

“It's my way of surviving, but it's hard,” she says. “I don't fit anywhere – anywhere. I want my home. I want to belong somewhere.”

One of the few places she's felt comfortable in the past year is the Laguna Beach Community Clinic.

A Medi-Cal patient, Gonzalez goes to the clinic about once a month. She receives much-needed physical care and, she says, something harder to find – kindness....

> Read full article in the OC Register


April 22, 2010

Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot
by Barbara Diamond

Clinic as vital to Laguna now as in 1970
The Laguna Beach Community Clinic began with a telephone hotline for folks with medical problems and no way to pay for medical care in the hippie-happy Laguna Beach of 1970. By October of that year, volunteers opened a free clinic, fostered by the late Dr. Eugene Atherton . Eugene Atherton and bail bondsman Ron Kaufman and riling some residents who feared the free medical care would draw “undesirables” to town.

Sound familiar?

“I was skeptical about it,” said former Police Chief Neil Purcell, a sergeant at the time. “We had so many flower children and hippies — and the Brotherhood [of Eternal Love] going strong at the time, I just thought how much more are we going to do to induce people to come to town who are looking for freebies.”

However, Purcell said this week that he later came to realize the clinic provided a needed service and had become a first-class medical facility.

The clinic will be celebrating its 40th anniversary of service to the city at the annual Sunset Fiesta, a May 2 fundraiser at the Twin Points estate in North Laguna.

Support is needed now as it was when the clinic first opened its doors and its heart to the community.

The city was experiencing a virtual epidemic of hepatitis in the late 1960s and into the 1970s, due to needle exchanges and the influx of already infected folks, Purcell said. And the clinic addressed those needs.

One of the most valuable and lasting services the clinic offered was the recognition in the early 1980s that a mysterious virus that had cropped up worldwide and was devastating Laguna’s gay community must be contained, if not cured, by education and early treatment....

>Read full article in the Coastline Pilot



April 2, 2010

The Laguna Beach Independent
By Jennifer Erickson

Survival of the Swiftest
Bending to the Shifting Needs of its Patients

As the Laguna Beach Community Clinic turns 40 this year, it remains one of the best-kept secrets in town. To be sure, community recognition and the economic downturn are helping to change that.          (Photo by Ted Reckas)

A new generation of patients is coming through the doors today: residents who typically had health insurance through their jobs have lost both as the economy faltered. Many turned to the community clinic out of desperation, surprised to find that the disreputable “free” clinic patching up indigents that they anticipated instead provided quality, family health care.

It didn’t hurt the clinic’s visibility that two of its doctors, Tom Bent and Korey Jorgensen, were named citizens of the year for the 2010 Patriot’s Day Parade either.

Originally established in 1970, the LB Free Clinic offered limited services in the early years focused on general health, STDs, pap smears and birth control. Hours were restricted to four nights a week.

Since then, the clinic’s scope of services and hours of operation have broadened. Today, it offers patients “comprehensive medical care across the lifespan with measurable outcomes that meet, or usually exceed, the outcomes in private practice,” according to Bent, the clinic’s medical director and chief operating officer since 2005, who insists that one of the greatest misconceptions about the clinic is the quality of its service....



March 9, 2010

The Orange County Register
By Claudia Koerner

Laguna Beach clinic among oldest in south county

"Since opening 40 years ago, the mission of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic hasn't changed.

The clinic, then the Laguna Beach Free Clinic, aimed to offer care whether a patient could pay or not. Volunteers began seeing patients several nights a week at an office on Glenneyre Street.

"Then, as now, we had a lot of people who were artists, small business owners who didn't have access to health insurance," said Dr. Tom Bent, medical director at the clinic.

The clinic, the oldest in south Orange County and still one of the only in the area serving low-income, uninsured patients, will celebrate 40 years of caring for the community this year. Since 1970, care and services at the clinic now on Third Street have improved and expanded, though finding money to continue to serve increasing community need remains a priority.

Instead of simply treating a problem and sending patients on their way, the clinic now takes a comprehensive view of healthcare. From prenatal to geriatrics, the clinic staffs full-time family doctors as well as bringing in volunteer specialists to act as what Bent calls a patient-centered medical home...."

> Read full article in the Register



March 6 , 2010

The Orange County Register
By Claudia Koerner

paradeLaguna turns out for Patriots Day — The Laguna Beach Community Clinic was represented again this year in Laguna's annual Patriot's Day Parade. Following behind a convertible carrying Citizens of the Year — our own Dr's. Bent and Jorgensen — board members, clinic staff and two adorable poodles marched through town. They sported white coats and panama hats and waved American flags to supportive cheers and applause from the crowd. Out in front of the group, Director Barbara Hamkalo pushed a wheelchair carrying a heavily bandaged Waldo the bear. Despite the damp weather a great time was had by all.

Photo: Monica Prado and Barbara Hamkalo with Waldo (OC Register photo)

> Read about the Parade in the Orange County Register



March 4 , 2010

Drs. Korey Jorgensen and Thomas Bent of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic were named "Citizens of the Year" and honored at the annual Patriot's Day Parade on March 6th."

Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot

No Lack of Honorees — Local heroes from all walks of life who serve their community will be cheered Saturday in Patriots Day Parade.

By Barbara Diamond

"The Patriots Day Parade Assn. had no trouble finding worthy individuals to honor at the annual March event: Indeed, the well runs deep in Laguna.

Since 1967, the parade has honored heroes that defended their country in dire times, paid homage to residents who made outstanding contributions to the community and recognized members of the younger generations who followed in their footsteps...

This year’s co-honorees Jorgensen and Bent are bound by their dedication to providing medical care at the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, which contrary to the perception of much of Laguna as a city of fat cats, is desperately needed for the less fortunate."

> Read full article in the Coastline Pilot.



December 11, 2009

Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot

Clinic medical director honored by organization
Dr. Tom Bent, medical director and chief operating officer for the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, was named Family Physician of the Year last week by the Orange County chapter of the California Academy of Family Physicians. Bent received an engraved cut crystal bowl by organization members.

Bent was nominated for the award for his work with the underserved and homeless, his leadership at the Community Clinic and his involvement with medical students and residents. Bent is president of the group.



October 30 , 2009

Laguna Beach Independent
Guest Column — Dr. Pam Lawrence, M.D.

Refuting Twisted Thinking — Response by LBCC volunteer physician to Letter to the Editor:

As a volunteer physician and vice president of the board at the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, I would like to reply to the letter in the Oct. 16 Independent (“Root Cause”), addressing the homeless situation in Laguna.

It was fascinating to me that a reader (Mace Wolf) would hold the clinic responsible, along with two other organizations, as a root cause of homelessness. He writes, “I want to see all three of these organizations zoned out of town or charged appropriate taxes and fees so that these organizations are forced to internally bear the costs of their support for homelessness rather that externalizing them onto the rest of us.” He wants to apply fees and taxes to every donation, hand out, or “client encounter” within these organizations at least to an extent that they are required to “bear the full public cost of the existence of Laguna Beach’s homeless population.”

If this attitude truly reflects the thoughts of more than a handful of Laguna residents, then we in Laguna are in great need of dialogue and education among ourselves.

Speaking on behalf of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, the perception of this organization is totally in error. It is no longer a “free” clinic. It is supported by grants, government programs (Medicare, mediCal, MSI), philanthropic dollars, fundraisers, and sliding scale patient payments. It serves the under insured and the uninsured. As far as I am aware, it remains the only Orange County clinic that will continue to address a patient’s health problem even if he/she has zero resources to pay, and the clinic has never closed its doors to new patients because of over enrollment and thin funding. Almost all of our patients have an employed family member even though their income may be well below the federal poverty guidelines.

Our fastest growing segment of patients is the middle class person who has always had medical insurance through work and a personal doctor, but who is now unemployed, uninsured because of an inability to afford COBRA payments, and now without a doctor, especially if previously a member of an HMO.

The clinic also serves many other groups without insurance – the small business owner, artists, chefs, kitchen workers, nannies, gardeners, clerks, etc. Serving as a medical home to many of the uninsured and because of an open door to “walk ins,” the LBCC saves the taxpayer thousands of dollars annually by keeping under-funded patients out of the local emergency room and as a referral center for patients without funding sent in follow up by E.R. staff after treatment.

The clinic keeps the working poor population in the work force by treating chronic disease such as high blood pressure and diabetes and achieves results far exceeding the national average regarding successful control.

Laguna Beach residents perhaps do not understand what a valuable resource they have in their town. Attention to community health benefits us all. Diagnosis and timely treatment of a patient’s communicable disease, cancers, diabetes, hypertension, etc., prenatal care, and preventive care affects not only the individual and their family but, indirectly, the entire community.

Homelessness affects many communities. It is estimated that in Orange County, there are 17,000 children living in shelters, cars, parks, motels, or with other families – a 30 percent increase over last year. There is a record number of foreclosures, and unemployment is almost at 10 percent in California.

There have been many nonprofit programs trying to address affordable housing and homelessness issues. Irvine’s Families Forward, for one, is a superb example of a community response, providing apartments for homeless families as well as the counseling required to ensure a successful return to the work place, food to assist the family budget, clothing as needed, school supplies for the children, etc. It would be a fantastic leap to believe that Families Forward somehow fueled the growing size of this unfortunate group.

Housing affordability, failing schools, juvenile crime, gang violence, child and domestic violence are all problems to be solved. To solve these problems will require collaborative and creative approaches among multiple segments of our community.

To say that the Friendship Shelter, the Resource Center, and the Laguna Beach Community Clinic are responsible for the homeless presence in Laguna is twisted thinking. To suggest that these non-profits be taxed or run out of town for trying to address some of the problems of the homeless strikes me as bizarre.

On the contrary, to truly address chronic homelessness, a strategic public policy along with counseling, mental health programs and addiction treatment centers, as well as a unified public health policy, would all contribute immensely to successful outcomes.

In the meantime, we should be proud that there are people who gather the resources they can, where they live, to try to address societal problems.

Instead of pointing fingers of blame, we should be working together to find lasting solutions.

Pamela Lawrence, MD, also known as Pamela Horowitz, is a Laguna Beach resident, LBCC board member and volunteer physician



June 4, 2009

Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot
By Ashley Breeding

Clinic is troubled by budget — Community Clinic director says if state cuts funding, no new patients will be accepted at Laguna Beach facility.

A proposal to drastically reduce state spending on medical aid for the poor means the Laguna Beach Community Clinic could be closing its doors to new patients.

Dr. Thomas Bent, medical director at the clinic, said new patient admissions will be threatened when the current clinic reserve funds run out. And this is happening when more people need the clinic due to difficult economic times.

“We need additional [aid] from the community to make up for the shortfall by the state,” he said. “Otherwise, our current programs will be threatened and we may not be able to accept any new patients.”

The mission of the clinic since its inception in 1970 is to provide medical care for all individuals in South Orange County, regardless of their ability to pay.

> Read full Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot article

Press Releases
26 Sep 2011 - Clinic Hosts Open House
15 Aug 2011 - Dr. Bent named President of OC Coaliton Community Clinics
8 Feb 2011 - Clinic Supports Health Hearts
13 Dec 2010 - Komen Foundation Grant
16 Nov 2010 - Allergan Foundation Grant
26 Oct 2010 - Clinic sees steady rise in diabetic cases
5 Oct 2010 - HIV testing program serves community
14 Sep 2020 - A Clinic that welcomes teens
9 Sep 2009 - Community turns out for Cinco de Mayo Event
 29 May 2009 - Clinic receives CVS Caremark Grant


    June 2, 2009

LBCC Medical Director featured on NBC Nightly
— As President of the California Academy of Family
Physicians, Dr. Tom Bent MD was interviewed by NBC Nightly News with Brian
Williams on June 2nd. A camera crew visited Dr. Bent at the
Laguna Beach Community Clinic, where he talked about California’s
budget mess and its effect on health care.

Dr. Bent was also quoted in Tuesday's American Medical News
article regarding the same issue. Click here to view the article.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy


May 2, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta — Our third annual Cinco de Mayo fiesta was a huge success! One hundred fifty guests attended the event, which was held at a fabulous Laguna Beach residence and raised over $20,000. Proceeds will benefit the clinic.


May 16, 2009

Women's Health Day Fair — Please join us at our eighth annual Women’s Day Health Fair, Saturday May 16, 2009 held at beautiful Main Beach in Laguna Beach from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  LBCC will provide a variety of free health screenings and patient education important to women’s general health, including blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, cholesterol, body fat composition and bone density.  Also 10-minute anonymous HIV screening.  A physician will be available to interpret the health screening results and refer as needed.  We will also have representatives from our Prenatal Services, Teen Clinic, Nutrition Program, and Dental Clinic.  Men welcome, too!

> Download WHD Flyer



March 23, 2009

Free Health Seminar at Community Center Monday, March 23, 2009 at 10 a.m. at the Susi Q Senior Center located at 380 3rd Street, Laguna Beach. Thomas Bent, MD, Clinical Medical Director of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic will share with the audience his health screening and monitoring recommendations that will contribute to a high performance body into the later years of life.



March 21, 2009

Jon Madison hosts Garden Party to benefit LBCC. On March 21st, Jon hosted a garden party at his charming Madison Square and Garden Cafe in Laguna Beach. He served his special desserts and wine in this beautifully landscaped garden setting. Proceeds will benefit the Laguna Beach Community Clinic.



January 30 , 2009

Orange County Register, January 30, 2009
By Kelli Hart

Laguna Beach, county clinics see increase in newly uninsured patients. When someone loses their job in O.C., they turn to clinics for health care.

The Laguna Beach Community Clinic, which is already swamped with patients seeking low-cost medical care, is seeing a surge in patients who are newly uninsured.

As jobs get slashed and unemployment grows, the clinic's Medical Director, Dr. Tom Bent, is expecting an even heavier patient load as the number of newly uninsured clients continues inching higher in clinics not just in Laguna Beach but county-wide.

Though the patient load is a challenge Bent shares with fellow-doctors in other parts of the county, his situation is somewhat unique – there are only two low-cost community clinics in South Orange County – Laguna Beach Community Clinic and Camino Health Care in San Juan Capistrano....

> Read full Orange County Register article



August 20 , 2008

Open House – Chamber Mixer. The Clinic hosted the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce Mixer in August. The public was invited to network with other members of the community and take a tour of the clinic.


May 17, 2008

Women's Health Day. Our 7th Annual Women's Health Day fair at Laguna's Main Beach on Saturday May 17th was a big success. Both women and men were welcome.

The Health Fair offered free health screenings for hypertension, anemia, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and osteoporosis. In addition, twenty-minute anonymous HIV testing was available in confidential testing tents. Physicians were present at the Health Fair to interpret the health screening results and give advice and referrals as needed.

Information was also available about the Clinic's variety of services for the whole family including our Prenatal services and Teen Clinic. A variety of community resources were there to inform attendees of services available.

Many thanks to this year's sponsors — AAUW Laguna Beach, Abbott Laboratories, Beecham Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian (major donor), Kaiser Permanente (major donor), Laguna Drug, Montage Laguna Beach, Pioneer Pharmacy, Rene Lausen Graphic Designer, Saddleback Memorial Hospital, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, and Tibotec Therapeutics.


May 4 , 2008

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Our second annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta was a big success! Local architect, James Conrad and his lovely wife, Kathy, generously hosted the event in their stunning 8,000 sq. ft. Villa, which is set beautifully atop an 11 acre hilltop knoll site overlooking the California coast from San Diego to Palos Verdes.

The Clinic’s Health Providers and 150 guests sipped cocktails by the pool and enjoyed delicious Mexican Tapas. Thanks to the great turnout, we exceeded our fundraising goal of $20,000. Many thanks to all our dedicated friends and supporters who made this event possible!


April 6, 2008

Ride for World Health (R4WH). The Laguna Beach Community Clinic was proud to host the Ride for World Health cycling Team on April 6th for the first stop of their 2008 ride. The 3,700-mile ride in April and May is traversing the country from San Diego to Washington D.C.

R4WH team

Ride for World Heath is a national, nonprofit organization which advocates for improvements in the quality and accessibility of global healthcare. Each year, by utilizing a cross-country bike ride as a vehicle of communication, R4WH addresses this issue through political advocacy, fundraising and its unique Coast-to-Coast Lecture Series. The 2008 Beneficiary is Doctors without Borders.


March 14, 2008

A New Roof for the Clinic. At long last, the Clinic got it's badly needed roof repairs. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., joined with Westcoast Roof Consulting to assemble a group of subcontractors and suppliers to help repair our 20-year old roof. The group donated both construction materials and services. This, along with earlier donations and fund raising, allowed the roof repairs to finally be accomplished. The project involved demolition and reconstruction of a 2,000 sq. ft. low-sloped roof, installation of insulation, code upgrades, and repairs to plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment. Many thanks to local donors and to Patrick Peterson, project director for McCarthy, and to Mark Curry, principal of Westcoast Roof Consulting, who both helped drive the effort, and to McCarthy Heart Hats, a volunteer community outreach group lead by McCarthy employees.


November 17 , 2007

Stylistic Intervention Party. The Clinic benefited from Stylistic Intervention’s Annual Christmas Party on November 17.  The event featured Peppermint Martinis and an opportunity drawing items donated by local artists.   This is the third such event that owner, Sondra Piorek, has hosted to help the Clinic. Laguna Beach Community Clinic is extremely grateful for the dedication and support of people in this community, like Sondra, who help us make healthcare available for all.


December 11 , 2007

$15,000 Gift. Laguna Beach residents, Pamela and Michael Chozen, have honored Laguna Beach Community Clinic with a gift of $15,000.

After reading about the Montage Challenge, the Clinic’s fundraiser for a new roof at the Clinic, and in conjunction with the season, they decided to lend their own support to the work of LBCC.

“There are so many worthy causes,” said Michael, “but we both feel it is important to start with support in our own community.” Pamela echoed his sentiments saying “it is exciting to be able to see our gift at work right here in our backyard. We walk by LBCC almost every day”

In addition, both Pamela and Michael want to set an example for younger givers. “It is never too soon to begin your own charity program,” they said, “and especially when needs are so great. We want others to experience the joy in giving to those programs important to them.


November 14 , 2007

Raise the Roof Opportunity Drawing. The Clinic’s Raise the Roof fundraiser scheduled for November 4th was postponed until a later date due the fires in Orange County and the devastating impact on many of our friends, families and our community.

Over $10,000 was raised from the opportunity drawing , which was held as planned at the Ganhal Lumber parking lot.  The winners of the three opportunity prizes are:  The Kirk Saunders Family — one-week stay in five bedroom condo, in Beaver Creek, CO; and Wayne Peterson — VIP Rose Parade tickets and float party.  The winner of the gourmet dinner for six with Chef Dennis Myers wishes to remain anonymous, and has graciously given the prize to one of LBCC's dedicated volunteers.

opportunity drawing

Dr. Korey Jorgensen draws the winning tickets.



September 14 , 2007

$15,000 Challenge Grant. Laguna Beach Community Clinic has been awarded a $15,000 grant by Hearts of Montage, an employee outreach group of the Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach.

Beginning September 1, 2007, every donation to the Clinic from individuals, family foundations, estates and corporate grants will be matched dollar for dollar by Hearts of Montage until LBCC reaches the $15,000 goal. The money raised will help fund the clinic's urgent care program.

> Learn more about Hearts of Montage.


May 24th, 2007

A Taste for Charity— LBCC receives $4,500 from Laguna Board of REALTORS® Event. The 12th Annual "A Taste for Charity" fundraiser was held on May 24th from 5 to 9 p.m. at Tivoli Too in Laguna Beach to raise funds for local charities. The event featured series of food stalls with appetizers provided by ten of the local restaurateurs together with refreshments from a sponsoring vineyard and a selection of soft drinks and water. A silent auction of original and selective works of art generously donated by many local artists and raffle raised additional funds.

Heartfelt thanks to the Board of Realtors and all who attended this outstanding community event!


May 12th, 2007

Orange County AIDS Walk 2007. Thanks to all who contributed to helping us achieve our goal in the OC AIDS Walk 2007. The LBCC team was headed by Dr. Thomas Bent (Captain) and Eliseo Hernandez (Co-Captain).

So far t he AIDS walk teams together raised over $700,000.


May 5th, 2007

Cinco de Mayo. Our Sunset “Fiesta” in celebration of Cinco de Mayo was a great success!  Our guests experienced the dramatic, innovative new home of Kirk and Mary Kate Saunders while sipping Margaritas and sampling the abundant Mexican dishes. A great time was had by all.


February 2007

Dr. Korey Jorgensen named Person of the Year. The Laguna Beach Community Clinic's  Dr. Jorgensen was recently honored by the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce. Here's what he had to say about being selected:

"I am proud of the work I do as a physician at the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, and am pleased to have this recognition. My work on the HIV Advisory Committee, a part of the local city government, is educational in nature, and that also garnered attention.

As many of you know, our Clinic is a crucial part of the health safety net in this area, and my HIV program is one of only 2 in Orange County that are aimed at low income men and women. I accepted this award on behalf of all the team at The Laguna Beach Community Clinic, because it s working together that has allowed me to do my job. It's a great atmosphere in which to work."


December 2006

Dr. Thomas Bent honored by Coalition. The Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics recently honored Dr. Thomas Bent MD, Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic.  He was presented with their "2006 Community Impact Award" for his "steadfast commitment to the community clinic patients and notable health outcomes achieved in Primary Care." Congratulations Dr. Bent!


November 2006

Tim Dillon named Philanthropist of the Year. The Friends of the Clinic are pleased to announce that Timothy P. Dillon, Esq., is the Laguna Beach Community Clinic Philanthropist of the Year.  Tim is the immediate Past Board Chair of LBCC and has been a lead donor in the “New Face for a Caring Place” Clinic refurbishment project.

Read more in the November newsletter.


October 2006

Open House a Big Success! Laguna Beach Community Clinic celebrated the success of its New Face for a Caring Place program to renovate the Clinic building with an Open House on Sunday, October 8. About 200 people toured the Clinic and enjoyed snacks, Margaritas and wines provided by Peter and Jackie McDougall. Guests were entertained by piano music courtesy of Graeme Winder.

A plaque honoring Renovation Donors and Lifetime members of the Friends of the Clinic was unveiled by Board Chair Debbie Mulligan. The 32 renovation donors currently listed have given almost $50,000 in cash, goods and services towards revitalizing the interior and exterior of the Clinic.

Repaving the parking lot, a large exterior renewal project yet to be tackled, got a huge boost at the Open House. A group of donors, led by Dr. Korey Jorgensen, offered cash and pledges totaling over $7,000 towards the job!


January 2005

Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Bent, Laguna Beach Community Clinic Medical Director, for being named one of Orange County's top doctors by Orange Coast Magazine and the Orange County Medical Association! January 2005.


April 2004

Congratulations to Dr. Korey Jorgensen on being named "2004 California Physician of the Year" by the California Academy of Family Physicians. Read all about it in our Spring 2004 Newsletter.



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